Our collaboration with Villar has been highly beneficial. From the very start, Villar’s facilities not only met, but exceeded our expectations, providing us with the perfect environment tailored to our specific requirements. Their well-designed logistic spaces have proven to be ideal for all our operations, from storage to showroom, training sessions with our teams and partners. The colleagues involved in the planning and preparation stages before our move, shared that their collaboration with Villar’s team was seamless. Every area within the premises, be it the warehouse, office, or even the showroom, have come to serve as representative spaces for our customers who visit us for professional training. We provide practical and theoretical training sessions to planners, plumbers, and architects, and having a single unified space has fostered a stronger sense of team unity. Moreover, since our move to the Villar space, we’ve seen a notable increase in turnover. Being all together in one place, as opposed to scattered across different locations, has clearly had a positive impact on our overall performance.