Technical Specifications

  • Building height: 13,70 m
  • Shelves height: 12,10 m
  • Grid system: 16 m x 32 m
  • Bearing structure of the roof made of steel
  • Mezzanine above the docks, usable load bearing capacity 1000 kg/sqm
  • Concrete floor slab designed for load bearing capacity 5 tons/sqm
  • Facade made with sandwich panel
  • Hydraulic dock levellers one for every 550 - 600 sqm
  • Drive-in access for each unit
  • Gas heating units for the warehouse hall
  • VRF AC for the office space
  • Warehouse equipped with ESFR sprinkler system
  • LED lighting in the warehouse
  • 30-35 m truck yard

Villar Parks Location

The logistic spaces are designed to ensure flexibility in racking, on the horizontal, as well on the vertical axis. They offer truck, pedestrian and forklift facile access and circulation, all functions being organized to obtain the most efficient functional layout.