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VLParks Bucharest West

Bucharest, Dragomirești
Available Now:
2,500 sqm
Minimum leasable area:
2,100 sqm
Potential expansion:
70,000 sqm
No. 4, Carpenului Street, Ilfov

VLPark Bucharest West enjoys a strategic location at the city’s western entrance. With direct access to the A1 motorway – the primary East-West corridor, we are positioned perfectly for e-commerce and logistics operators seeking to serve the thriving Bucharest market.

Whether you’re in automotive, tech, FMCG, or e-commerce, our park is tailored to suit your specific needs, providing the flexibility and connectivity to drive your business forward.

Our vicinity is well-served by local transportation, connecting the park to nearby towns, adding to the convenience of our workforce. Our location, combined with our amenities such as heated ramps, natural light, extensive mezzanine areas, elevators ensures that we offer more than just a workplace, we offer a lifestyle.

At VLPark Bucharest West, we are not just about work. We are about creating a balanced, wholesome, and productive environment where businesses can thrive and employees can feel valued. Choose us to take your operations to new heights.

VLPark Bucharest South

Bucharest, Popesti Leordeni
Available Now:
16,000 sqm
Minimum leasable area:
2,800 sqm
Potential expansion:
7,200 sqm
Popesti Leordeni, DN – CB 261, Ilfov County

Situated ideally between the bustling Ring Road of Bucharest and the soon-to-be operational A0 motorway, VLPark Bucharest South is poised to be your ultimate hub for production and distribution. The upcoming A0 connection emphasizes our commitment to ensuring top-tier connectivity and accessibility for all our partners.

As the A0 motorway is on the horizon, businesses that align themselves with VLPark Bucharest South will be at the forefront of unparalleled connectivity. This positions us perfectly for those engaged in international trade, maritime logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing, and retail sectors, especially with the A2 highway offering efficient access to the Constanta harbor.

Beyond just excellent transport prospects, our park represents an opportunity to join a dynamic and thriving business community. With state-of-the-art facilities and a robust infrastructure, VLPark Bucharest South is crafted to cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses, irrespective of their domain.

Be it automotive, tech, FMCG, or e-commerce, our park adjusts to your unique requirements, providing the adaptability and connectivity vital for your enterprise’s success.

Anticipate the advantages of operating from a premium location that’s ready to seamlessly link to both land and sea, especially with the A0 soon in play. Choose VLPark Bucharest South to be ahead of the curve, seizing every opportunity for growth and expansion in your industry. Your future business hub awaits.

Serving your business needs in Bucharest West and South

Situated strategically across Romania, VLParks offers state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in two thriving locations - VLPark Bucharest West and VLPark Bucharest South. Each park has been thoughtfully designed and located to maximize business success, reflecting our deep understanding of different industries and their unique needs.
Experience the difference of a workplace designed with everyone in mind. Don’t delay your business growth. Reach out to us today and find the perfect home for your operations:


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