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Villar International Ltd. is a publicly traded company operating in the fields of construction, entrepreneurship and income-producing real estate. Over the past five decades, we have developed and built properties all over Israel and abroad. Our total market value on TASE (The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) is $1 billion, as of the end of 2022.
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Villar's footprint in Romania

VLPark Bucharest South

Total area of the first unit:
Available now: 16,000 sqm
Potential expansion: 7,200 sqm
Minimum leasable area: 2,800 sqm

With the A2 highway granting streamlined access to the Constanta harbor and the forthcoming A0 motorway enhancing regional connectivity, we stand poised to boost businesses engaged in international trade and maritime logistics like never before.
VLParks Bucharest West

Total area of the first unit: 10,000 sqm
Available now: 2,500 sqm
Potential expansion: 70,000 sqm
Minimum leasable area: 2,100 sqm

Our strategic location provides easy access to both the A1 and the future A0, seamlessly connecting our site to Bucharest and the Airport, a mere 13 km away. This makes commuting and logistics operations remarkably convenient.

VLParks Romania

VLParks Bucharest South

VLPark Bucharest West Site Plan

Discover the perfect space for your business growth at VLPark Bucharest West. Designed with your needs in mind, we offer spaces that are ready to accommodate and adapt as you expand.

🔹 Minimum leasable area starts from 2,100 sqm, offering ample space for diverse business needs.

🔹 Ready-to-move unit of 10,000 sqm is available, perfect for businesses looking to make a swift transition.

🔹 Exciting expansion plans for 2025, with the next unit comprising an additional 10,000 sqm.

🔹 Remarkable future potential, with a total expansion capacity up to 60,000 sqm.

Embrace the opportunity to grow your operations in a space that’s crafted to facilitate your success. Don’t delay your business expansion! Get in touch with us today for a tailored offer:

katya@vlparks.ro | +40 785 900 400

Available Spaces Per Unit

Available to rent units in the building starting from 2,100 sqm that includes warehouse space, mezzanine and modern offices.

Each unit will have offices with a separate entrance, starting from 250 sqm and customised to the customer’s needs. In addition, offices can be fit on the Mezzanine floor.

The size of the Mezzanine will be determined according to the size of the unit.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

At VL Parks, we offer meticulously developed, maintained, and managed energy-efficient and sustainable properties that can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Grow your business
  • Boost efficiency
  • Enhance transportation speed
  • Streamline operations
  • Modernize technology and automate processes
  • Reduce transportation costs and emissions
  • Foster a thriving workplace environment

Technical Specifications

Latest news

20 iun. 2024

Tech-Con Industry își instalează noul sediu și spațiu de depozitare în VLParks Bucharest West

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26 feb. 2024

Nunner Logistics se extinde cu 5.000 mp în VLParks Bucharest West

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5 dec. 2023

VLParks Bucharest South: the selected logistic hub for ArchivIT’s next expansion

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Our Customers

Voices of trust: client testimonials

Asaf Katz

Apollo's Deputy CEO

We selected Villar to host our operations for several reasons. Their engineering team is exceptionally professional and provided valuable guidance on how to optimally set up our building. Furthermore, Villar’s regulatory team was equally robust, providing us comprehensive support concerning Israel’s stringent regulations.

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Michael Drollinger

Head of Product Management and Marketing Geberit Israel

Our collaboration with Villar has been highly beneficial. From the very start, Villar’s facilities not only met, but exceeded our expectations, providing us with the perfect environment tailored to our specific requirements. Their well-designed logistic spaces have proven to be ideal for all our operations, from storage to showroom, training sessions with our teams and partners. The colleagues involved in the planning and preparation stages before our move, shared that their collaboration with Villar’s team was seamless. Every area within the premises, be it the warehouse, office, or even the showroom, have come to serve as representative spaces for our customers who visit us for professional training. We provide practical and theoretical training sessions to planners, plumbers, and architects, and having a single unified space has fostered a stronger sense of team unity. Moreover, since our move to the Villar space, we’ve seen a notable increase in turnover. Being all together in one place, as opposed to scattered across different locations, has clearly had a positive impact on our overall performance.

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Choose possibility in every direction

Fast exit to A1 and A0

Situated with direct access to the city’s ring road and the soon-to-be-delivered A0, offering unrivaled convenience and accessibility for your operations.

24/7 security

Your peace of mind is our priority. With 24/7 security monitoring, rest assured that your assets and operations are protected day and night.

Flexible rent areas

Tailored to your needs. Whether scaling up or streamlining, our spaces adapt to suit your business requirements seamlessly.

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VILLAR GROUP is a public company whose shares are traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1993. The group has proven financial strength and excellent reputation throughout its existence.
  • No. 4, Carpenului Street, Ilfov
  • katya@vlparks.ro
  • +40 785 900 400